Dork 1

Aside from having a bestie who is also a dork, why would I be okay with being called a dork? Well, for one thing, we’re fun. We can do stupid things together without worrying about what other people think. After all, we already know we are dorks, so it’s fully appropriate if other people think so, too.

So, an introduction like Dork A’s

Name: Heidi


Real Age: 41

Age in dog years: Hey! Don’t call me a dog…

Children: Yes. Teenagers. ‘nuf said.

Marital status: Divorced, single, however you want to say it. Happily.

What makes me a dork: Is it because I can play Plants vs. Zombies for hours? Or is it because I will replace dinner with ice cream? Is it because I read young adult fiction and I enjoy it as much as teenagers do? Or is it because I hang out on Facebook waiting for my bestie to appear so we can chat? Whatever, I’m not going to deny  it, either…

What I love about Dork A: She likes me! She is very organized, but she still loves me even though I am not. At all. We do things together that I would not do with anyone else (because nobody else understands the true dorkiness required for these activities). We watch Twilight on her iPhone while waiting to see Danny Gokey. We can spend a weekend doing nothing but watching movies, scrapbooking, listening to music, and eating pizza. We get others involved in our escapades.

Things that are awesome: God. Family. Friends. Nice guys that are cute. Biking. Nature. Quilting. Scrapbooking. Books. Batiks. Pretty things.

Why do a blog? Same reasons as Dork A. Why not? Seems like a perfectly dorky thing for us to do!

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