I just noticed that we have the option to add a category to our blog!  I would bet that Dork 1’s most used one will be “totally random”.  Random is her hobby.  You should see how she “organizes” things!   It’s one of the reasons I love her!  She took a picture of us quilting the other day.  I hope she will post it soon, because it is the definition of totally random.  My area had like three things in it- neatly organized (I had to throw out my garbage because I didn’t want it in the picture).  Hers?  Welllllll…. her stuff was in a box at least….


About Amy

I love my life! I am married, have 3 kids, and own and manage a business. I enjoy quilting and scrapbooking with my best friend when I am not taking care of the husband, kids, and business.
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