It’s quilted!

Okay, so the title isn’t very informative, but I finished quilting Dork A’s green and purple quilt – the one she talked about here. I quilted it for her (instead of Dork A quilting it) because I used my longarm (Voyager 17). Fun! But somebody remind me to get some larger needles before I do another fully batik quilt! After some broken thread and general aggravation, I decided that when doing quilts that are batik on both the top and back I need to try a larger needle. Let’s see if I actually remember to get some….

It’s such a gorgeous quilt! I’m really loving lime green and purple right now, so I may have to do one with those colors, too. I quilted it with large spirals and swirls: here’s a close-up

Quilting close up

ooooh, I love King Tut thread… the variegated yumminess! I took a photo of the whole quilt, but the quilting doesn’t show as well:

Green and purple quilt

The quilt officially received the kitty seal of approval from Boo:

Boo's approval

I really like the way it turned out! I’m a bit out of practice, because I haven’t quilted anything since March, but allover designs are forgiving. I’m back in quilting mode now…..more to come!

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