After deciding on a pieced back, I didn’t have time to quilt this week anyway. Since I had a chance to buy one to coordinate, I did that instead. Face it, you knew I was going to change my mind anyway. This afternoon I finally had time to quilt, so I loaded the quilt on the frame and cut the batting to match the back. Except I cut the batting crooked…. and of course it was too narrow in the middle. Oh brother. I cut another piece to fit, and away I went! I used the same allover design as on Dork A’s (it’s not the only one I know how to do, really). The fabrics remind me of water, so I wanted a flowing, wave-like pattern in the quilting. Here’s the beginning:

Quilting up close

I was having fun, and couldn’t believe it when I advanced the quilt and discovered I was more than halfway done! But, in typical Heidi fashion, I noticed something kinda funny. Take a look…. first, the right-hand side of the quilt on the frame:

The right side on the frame

Plenty of batting this time. Whew. Wait a minute, what happened here? The left side at the same point…..

The left side on the frame

Um, yeah. Plenty of batting. It was just barely wide enough. Good thing it’s quilting and not brain surgery.

I finished it this afternoon – I haven’t quilted a whole quilt in one day in a really long time. Really excited about this one, though. Here it is, the best I could capture the quilting:

All quilted, ready for binding

Yay! Can’t wait to give it to the special recipient!

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2 Responses to Typical……

  1. “Good thing it’s quilting and not brain surgery.” I can SO identify with that. I think that in my day job some days too. Nice quilt, by the way.

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