Scary Things

Ok, I really believe that we should make a point to do things that scare us. That challenge us.  Why? 

There are always two choices.  Two paths to take.  One is easy.  And its only reward is that it’s easy.  -Anon

So I have been trying to make a point of doing things that scare me.  Things that, when thought of or asked of me, begin with the choice of ‘no’.  Are they all death-defying acts?  Of course not- in fact MOST of them are probably not scary to most people. 

So, why did I choose to do scary things?  Because of my friend.  He came here to visit during Wisconsin State Fair.  His ‘dad’ kept buying things for him to eat:  Fried pizza, roasted corn, grog, fried cheese, cream puffs, cranberry cookies, ostrich and buffalo jerky, fried Oreos (among other things).  He tried them all.  And he is a PICKY eater.  About halfway through this eat-fest, I asked him how this compared to other fairs he had been to.  He said he had never been to a fair.  Everything was new!  Wow!

I had the opportunity to record a radio spot for my store.  So I, of course, said no.  And then I remembered, I was going to do some scary things.  So I said yes.  I was crazy nervous.  My rep told me it would take me about an hour.  Another friend who did it said that it took almost two hours.  So I cleared my schedule and went in.  I totally nailed it in two takes!  It was crazy fun!  Plus, the professionals there said I had a face for radio!  (JK- I added that).

Next up, the photo shoot and 5th grade field trip.


About Amy

I love my life! I am married, have 3 kids, and own and manage a business. I enjoy quilting and scrapbooking with my best friend when I am not taking care of the husband, kids, and business.
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