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Scary Things- Part 3- The Field Trip

Ok- my son asked me to go on a field trip as a chaperone. How Does this qualify as scary? He is in 5th grade. And we would have to go on the bus. 5th graders smell funny. And they … Continue reading

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Oh brother…..

About a week ago, I was lurking on Facebook waiting for Dork A to get on so we could chat. She didn’t show up online, so I sent her a text message. She didn’t have her laptop at home, so … Continue reading

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Scary Things, Part 2: The Photo Shoot

(I know I should have posted this sooner, but I really wanted a little time to process this.  I originally wrote this on Sept 15) An old friend of mine is a professional photographer.  He had a special for his … Continue reading

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Exciting two days!

Yesterday I finally bit the bullet and bought a new laptop. It is AWESOME! New MacBook Pro 13″, so not too big, but it certainly has some power. Technology is sooooo cool: I am currently using my desktop (Macgirl for … Continue reading

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Biology and biking

As part of the teacher certification program I am in, I have to teach a unit of five classes to middle school students. I started yesterday, so today was day two. Yesterday I was nervous – not about the students, … Continue reading

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I mailed the quilt this morning, but not without yet another post office story. Our town’s post office has cut back its hours recently, but the sign on the door said that the new hours were still until 11AM Saturdays. … Continue reading

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The quilt is done, why isn’t the Post office open?

I finished Ian’s quilt, added a label, wrote out the card, put it in humongous plastic bag, packed it in a box, sealed and addressed the box, and raced to the post office to get there before 5 PM. I … Continue reading

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