The quilt is done, why isn’t the Post office open?

I finished Ian’s quilt, added a label, wrote out the card, put it in humongous plastic bag, packed it in a box, sealed and addressed the box, and raced to the post office to get there before 5 PM. I pulled in at 4:59 – yes, I was one of those hated last-minute people – except the post office closed at 4:30. Doh! It will go in the mail first thing tomorrow. Unless the post office closes before I get there. Given that it is Saturday and I have other stuff going on, that is quite possible. My life feels like a comedy of errors sometimes. Most of the time, actually.

Tomorrow is “Livestrong Day” so I am going to wear yellow in honor of the 28 million cancer survivors worldwide (self included!) No matter what you think of Lance Armstrong, his foundation provides an incredible amount of support for cancer survivors and their families. Even if you’re going through treatment or are really sick and suffering with cancer, you are a survivor because you are alive to fight another day. Let’s keep fighting! Livestrong.

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