Scary Things, Part 2: The Photo Shoot

(I know I should have posted this sooner, but I really wanted a little time to process this.  I originally wrote this on Sept 15)

An old friend of mine is a professional photographer.  He had a special for his friends on Facebook.  A 1-2 hour New York-style photo shoot for a great price.  Well, this was something I definitely DID NOT want to do.  I have not had pictures taken of me since I was a senior in high school (which was, incidentally, the last time I saw Mike).  I do not like to get my picture taken- they never look like what I think I look like- or feel like.  They always look like what I actually look like.  Which, of course, did not make me happy.   Then, he started posting pictures of some of the people he already took pictures of.  All beautiful, amazing looking women.  Not one frumpy, middle-aged woman amongst them.  Again, not a chance that I would do this.  So, of course, since I was doing scary things, I had to say yes.

So, I made an appointment.  I figured I may get one nice picture that I could give to my husband for Christmas.  I must have considered cancelling about a hundred times.  Even on the way there, I almost called to cancel.  I got a cool new pair of Chucks to take to the shoot with me as an incentive- no photo shoot, no Chucks.

The new Chucks

So I get there.  Late.  I am nervous and jumpy.  So, we talk for a while, and then it is time to start.  I am, of course, still nervous and jumpy.  I am totally uncomfortable at first.  But Mike is really nice.  After awhile, I am actually having fun. 

WHAT?!!  Fun?  How can this be?  Well, Mike is good at his job.  He did an amazing job at making me feel pretty and really allowed me to enjoy the process. 

It was an amazing experience.  I left there feeling like a million bucks.  I realized that I didn’t do this for someone else, or for the pictures.  I did it for me.  I did it because I wanted to be able to see what other people see when they look at me, not what I think they see.  I am not “pretty”, but I have other qualities that make me amazing.  And if Mike captures that in even one photograph, he is a genius in my book!


About Amy

I love my life! I am married, have 3 kids, and own and manage a business. I enjoy quilting and scrapbooking with my best friend when I am not taking care of the husband, kids, and business.
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