Oh brother…..

About a week ago, I was lurking on Facebook waiting for Dork A to get on so we could chat. She didn’t show up online, so I sent her a text message. She didn’t have her laptop at home, so we decided to text instead. It was about 11PM. I remembered that I had sent more texts than usual, so I got online to check my usage while I was “talking” to her. I still had plenty of usage left, or so I thought.

I looked at the options for increasing the number of text messages so I wouldn’t have to worry about overages. I had 80 out of 200 text messages left. No biggie, since I don’t (didn’t) text that much. My plan charges $.10 for each extra text message, or $15.00 a month for 1500 texts sent and received. Don’t forget it was 11PM…. somehow in doing the math, I figured that 1500 messages at $.10 each was $15.00. That meant that any overages wouldn’t cost me any more than upgrading the plan, so I didn’t bother to upgrade.  DOH!!! I am usually very good at math. That day, not so much.

The really funny thing is that I didn’t even realize my mistake then. I realized it a few days later, as we were getting in her car to escape for an evening. Dork A was very highly entertained by my foolishness.

I got my wireless bill online today. Ahem.

My total bill was about $15.00 more than it had been previously. Not because I had changed my texting options, but because I had sent 151 messages more than my plan allowed. At $.10 each.

I scrolled through the list of text message numbers to make sure I recognized the numbers. I had to scroll through more than two pages just to Dork A. Oh brother.

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One Response to Oh brother…..

  1. Amy says:

    Ha! So I thought I was sooo smart. With my fancy unlimited texts on my phone plan. Then I goy MY bill. It was about $30 more than normal. WHAT???!!!! Only to find out I do not, in fact, have unlimited texts … Whoooppps! Do, I went to my online bill to see what my current texts were for the month. Ummm- I was ALREADY 89 texts over for the month with 14 days left inthe billing cycle. Thank God they let you backdate new features…

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