Scary Things- Part 3- The Field Trip

Ok- my son asked me to go on a field trip as a chaperone. How
Does this qualify as scary? He is in 5th grade. And we would have to go on the bus. 5th graders smell funny. And they are trying to show off to each other. And this was some sort of outdoor team-building thing. All stuff I don’t like (don’t get me wrong, I like team-building. I don’t like being outside.) But, it was actually a beautiful day. And the people in charge basically asked the adults to leave the kids to do the activities themselves without our help. So it was really a loud, smelly bus ride and a nice nature walk. AND a happy fifth-grade son!


About Amy

I love my life! I am married, have 3 kids, and own and manage a business. I enjoy quilting and scrapbooking with my best friend when I am not taking care of the husband, kids, and business.
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