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So far, so good with the tadpoles. They apparently like their new abode, since they are growing at an alarming rate! The largest one grows visibly every day, and today I discovered that he has little tiny legs beginning to … Continue reading

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Today is my younger son’s fourteenth birthday. Birthdays in our house mean cake for breakfast. mmmmm, cake…. I will never be able to eat cake again without thinking of this:The God of Cake. Allie, the writer of the Hyperbole and … Continue reading

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I am such a science geek!

My folks came for a visit from Maine a couple of weeks ago. Since I am taking zoology, and we have looked at all freshwater specimens, I asked them to bring along some saltwater samples to compare them.  The pond … Continue reading

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Music of the moment

One of the things Dork A and I have in common is the need to have music playing whenever possible. Many people take me for a classical music type of person, but in actuality I’m more of a classic rock … Continue reading

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A picture is worth a thousand words….

Does it get any cuter than this?This is Ian, the very special recipient of the quilt. I think the smile says it all! I didn’t meet him until last year, but I fell in love with him immediately. Ian’s dad … Continue reading

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