Today is my younger son’s fourteenth birthday. Birthdays in our house mean cake for breakfast. mmmmm, cake…. I will never be able to eat cake again without thinking of this:The God of Cake. Allie, the writer of the Hyperbole and a Half blog, is absolutely hilarious, and her drawings (done in Paint) truly capture expression and emotion. There have been several posts that made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt. The scary part is that I can relate to quite a few of them!

Back to cake. Aaron’s choice was actually not cake, but mock chocolate eclair. It’s made with ingredients I don’t normally use (cool whip? are you kidding me?), but the end result is pretty yummy.

So we had it for breakfast.

And after dinner.

Birthday cake doesn’t last very long in our house.

My personal choice is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Or chocolate cake with raspberries and whipped cream. Or German chocolate cake.

Any cake, really, as long as it’s chocolate.

Yellow cake is ok, as long as it has chocolate frosting. In desperate cake times, I will resort to yellow cake with regular buttercream frosting.

In this case, I relate a little too well to The God of Cake post. Keep me away from cake.

And men in uniform.

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