Thankful – day 1

Everyone thinks of the things for which they are thankful during the month of November, because of Thanksgiving. Pedals and Pencils spent November posting 30 days of thanks, and it was wonderful and inspiring to read the little things that we often don’t stop to consider. Soooo, because of her inspiration, I am going to attempt to do something similar until just before Christmas (I am going HOME for Christmas this year, and their internet connection is crappy on a good day).

I may challenge Dork A to do the same …….. (yeah, yeah, I know that an ellipsis is only …, but I totally agree with Allie that the number of dots should reflect the length of the pause)

Today I am thankful for:

  • God’s grace
  • my three best friends in the world: Amy, Andy, and Kris
  • my amazing family – every one of them
  • biking
  • music that makes me dance around the house
  • my stash of quilting fabric
  • my neighbor, Wayne
  • chocolate (this may appear every day)
  • snow
  • the sound of the ocean in New England
  • the wind whispering through pine trees
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