Thankful, day 11

Despite the pouring rain, I am still thankful. I just wish it had all been snow! It is snowing now, so it should be a lovely mess in the morning. Oh well, shoveling is good exercise…

Today I am thankful for:

  • friends who are honest when a pair of jeans makes my butt look fat
  • finding an outfit that makes me look and feel put together
  • rediscovering Victoria’s Secret and that they have something that’s actually comfortable!
  • the wonder of Creation, and the amazing ways animals are put together.
  • the awesomeness of Echinoderms (sea stars, sea urchins, etc)
  • the ability to hope and dream for the future
  • the survival of all three tadpoles, and the fact that the largest one now has both front and rear legs
  • feel-good music
  • silly movies that lift my spirits
  • my boys telling me they love me whenever they leave
  • going back to sleep even though I woke up early this morning
  • people actually reading our blog!
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