Finished! And thankful, day 13

Today I took the final for zoology, returned all of the books I had checked out at the school library, and turned in my complete hours and reflections for clinicals. I am done for the semester! I will still have three class meetings before student teaching, but compared to the workload in the last few months, it will be a walk in the park.

Unfortunately for me, the school is having issues coordinating my student teaching placement: not because of me in particular, but because they have had difficulty placing science teachers. I think all of the undergrads have been placed, and I know the other grad students have been placed. I’m just special, I guess. Maybe it means that I will be placed with someone truly phenomenal!

Today, I am thankful for:

  • a warm house when it’s only 7 degrees outside
  • finishing my work for the semester
  • finding out that ordering books for my final class would not cost me less than the bookstore, since I just bought them from the bookstore
  • the shoveling my sons did in the last two days
  • the researchers who are trying to find a cure for cancer
  • shirk your responsibilities days!
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