Back to reality…

I am back from a super-awesome Christmas break, and having problems getting back to everyday life here in Wisconsin. I have some terrific friends here, but New England still feels like home. My version of New England, that is: I only count Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Technically there are other states in New England, so  maybe they’re my fab four or something. Before break, I was only really familiar with three of these, but over break I fell in love with Vermont. It is a beautiful state, and all of the people I met qualify as awesome.

For years, I have attempted, unsuccessfully, to determine just what it is that makes northern NE different than any other place, at least to me.

Maybe it’s because I was born and grew up there. Maybe it’s that I have family and loved ones there. Maybe it’s the terrain – lots of trees, mountains, and water. Perhaps it’s the people with their live and let live attitude; many of them not “touchy-feely,” but willing to give you the shirt off their backs. They will lend a hand, a buck, or an ear.

Whatever the reasons, in my heart those areas always feel like home. I am comfortable, at ease, and feel good there. I don’t have to think about being content, because I just am.

Since my divorce, every time I visit the fab four, it is a little more difficult to come back to Wisconsin. Wisconsin is a great place, also has lots of great people, and is very bike-friendly. It just is not home in my heart of hearts.

So now I am dragging myself back to reality here, with a lingering sadness because I miss my family, Andy and Ian, and all the other things I love about New England. Sigh……



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