Skiing Photos! (Plus the beginning of student teaching)

I said I would post photos on Monday. Better late than never…

Riveredge woods

Riveredge Woods II

Crystals on an icy brook

The happy sound of water burbling under ice

Sunlight slanting across the brook

Branches in the snow

Riveredge is a beautiful place, no matter what the season.

I just finished day three of student teaching. Suffice it to say that the early mornings have gotten the better of me. I am drinking coffee every morning (something I hope to quit again in a week or so- I don’t like to rely on caffeine). The adjustment will take a couple of weeks, but in the meantime I feel like there are not enough hours in a day! I get home from school, make and eat dinner, read my email, ride my trainer for 30 minutes, make lunches, get out my clothes for the next day, and get ready for bed so I can start all over again tomorrow. Wheee!! What a party animal! Good thing I didn’t have much of a social life to give up…

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One Response to Skiing Photos! (Plus the beginning of student teaching)

  1. stuckinmypedals says:

    Glad you’ve got a couple of days under your belt. Can’t wait to read more! Enjoy your weekend!

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