Multisport Expo

I went to a “multisport expo” with my biking friend Suzanne and her boyfriend Dave yesterday. It was primarily for triathlons or any of the three sports associated with triathlons. I don’t run, and I don’t swim distance, but I do bike.

A lot.

When I bought my bike last year, I got SPD pedals and cleats. They are designed with recessed cleats on the shoes, so if you get off the bike to walk, it is not incredibly awkward and slick. The SPDs are often used for mountain biking, and have a more flexible sole than most road biking shoes. I like them just fine, but after a year of riding, I decided that my goal for this year was dedicated road cycling shoes. Good ones have a very stiff carbon sole, which means the energy transfer from legs to pedal is more efficient. In my ambles through a local shop a couple of months ago I found Sidi shoes, and immediately fell in love. I didn’t even try them on, but they were so light and sleek!

Of course, I had to ask Andy about them. Just for reference, Andy is my go-to guy for biking and cross-country skiing- he’s very knowledgeable about both, and has given me a lot of great advice in the last couple of years. He said he wears Sidi shoes and really likes them. That was good enough for me! They went on my list of “things to buy for my bike that I don’t really need, but that I would like.” In other words, they aren’t essential, or even particularly necessary, but since I already had the goal of dedicated road shoes, they weren’t really an addition.

Good excuse.

When we were at the expo yesterday, I found a pair of Sidis. In my size.

Marked 40% off.

Hmmm. Should I or shouldn’t I?

You guessed it. I bought them. But, I didn’t buy the pedals and cleats yet. I’ll buy those from my local shop, since I would rather give them the business.

In the meantime, they are near my bike. Waiting for the spring shipment of pedals and cleats to come in.

I get excited about bike shoes the way other women get excited about a new pair of heels! Wheeeee! I can’t wait to try them!

To top it all off, Suzanne tried to talk me into an Iron Girl triathlon, which I may actually do. I hate running, but this is a sprint triathlon, so the distances are short. 400m swim, 20km bike ride, 5km run. Since I bike a lot, I could gain time there and have extra time to do the “run.” The deciding factor will probably be the 7AM plunge into Lake Michigan. Brrrrrrrr…. even in the middle of summer!

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3 Responses to Multisport Expo

  1. Amy says:

    Did you see Workout Boss there? He was giving massages. I would’ve gone just for that!

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