Blood, Sweat, and Bicycle Grease

I saw this phrase on a t-shirt and thought it was entirely too appropriate for my typical athletic endeavors. No blood while using the bike recently, but that may be because I have been using it on a trainer for the last couple of months. I did, however, experience a rather bloody skiing incident recently.

Sweat and bicycle grease are regular occurrences, however. Even with my bike on the trainer, I somehow manage to get the telltale chainring mark on my leg. I momentarily lean against the chain/chainring without thinking about it, even when I’m stationary. It’s the cyclist’s tattoo, so it doesn’t bother me.

I lived in Virginia for eleven years. Women originally from the south would be absolutely scandalized to know that I am talking about sweating. Down there women “mist” or “glow,” but they don’t sweat. I never quite fit in there. I call it like I see it: I sweat. It’s kind of weird: that first trickle of sweat down my backbone feels pretty creepy, but after that I don’t notice the sweat. I just mentioned sweat five times in a few sentences 🙂 What a Yankee!

Recently I started doing interval training to change my regular routine. The first few times I used a moderate gear and did intervals by changing my cadence – starting at about 75 and jumping to 90-100 for short periods. Today I decided to try jumping gears instead of cadence- from small chainring to large, leaving the cassette unchanged. I have a compact crank, so only two chainrings make it easy to jump a fairly significant amount. I definitely prefer jumping gears! It seems to work much better for strength, since I feel like I spent some time lifting weights. I didn’t do anything but ride.

And sweat.

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