Further (mis)Adventures in Skiing, and the Teaching Takeover

The weather in Wisconsin has been very warm for the past few days: it actually reached 50 degrees one day, when the average high is closer to 30 degrees. This of course means that the snow is quickly disappearing. Unlike many other Wisconsin residents, I am sad when the snow starts to go, especially this early in the season. I have bike fever, but I’m not ready to totally give up skiing for this winter!

To take advantage of the remaining snow, I went skiing at Riveredge this afternoon, right after school. The weather was fine, but the trails were icy and crusty. They weren’t horrible until I got to a lightly traveled area, and then I pretty much hiked through the woods on my skis. There was very little gliding, and a whole lot of stepping over branches and around trees. One section had only been snowshoed, so there wasn’t a ski trail, but I managed. This time was fun, just like last time was, but I had a little mishap again…

The trails were packed and slick, so any downhill area was very tricky. More tricky than usual, since I am not good at hills anyway. There was one lovely straight section with a downhill slope that I thought would be fine.

Except. (not again!…)

It was super slick, so it was hard to slow down with any control. I fell and landed weird. Nothing is broken, but my shoulder is sore. I actually fell quite a lot today, which bothers me less and less, as long as I don’t have an audience. Good athletes learn how to fall properly, right? That may be the closest I ever get to being called a good athlete. 🙂

On a totally different subject, I took over teaching duties for my two individually taught classes this week. There have been a couple of instances of students trying to push me, but they are learning when to back off. I truly enjoy all of the students in both classes, even the difficult students. I love being back in front of the classroom! My first love is the subject of biology, but teaching is a close second. Most of the students have accepted me as the teacher without any qualms, but there are a couple who prefer the routine of their regular teachers. We’ll get used to each other.


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