The post whose title I had to change because I was getting weird links from bizarre sites….

I skipped Zumba this morning, because I had grandiose plans of riding on my trainer for a long period of time. If I’m going to do a full hundred miles in the Trek 100, I need to start doing longer training sessions, at least until I can ride outside again.

I didn’t exactly follow through with my original plan. Um, really I didn’t follow through at all. I had prime rib for dinner, followed by chocolate cake… And I didn’t ride on my trainer at all. In fact, I was pretty lazy all day. I can’t believe how guilty I feel for skipping my workout two days in a row!

I suppose it’s good guilt, since it means that I’m conscious of the need for regular exercise. This is both for my health and my sanity. Andy told me that when he gets upset, exercise is his outlet. (I have only seen him upset once in my life, and it was many years ago. Even then, he was very calm. He truly has the most amazingly positive outlook, and lets very little get to him. I only wish I was like that!) Exercise has become an outlet for me in the last year, too. There are days when I get home from school and can’t wait to get on the bike. Riding hard for half an hour cures many frustrations. I can’t wait until I can get outside and do some real riding again, and when it’s light later so I can go for longer rides.

Of course, then I can try out my new road shoes, too. I checked with my favorite bike shop (Grafton Ski and Cycle) to see if they can get Speedplay pedals, but it’s not looking too good. One of the guys said I can buy my pedals elsewhere, but I have to come back for everything else. I like the people at the shop, and it’s good to keep the business in town. Besides, they know me by name, because it’s a friendly sort of place…

…and because I have spent waaaayy too much money there!

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