True Friends

Hopefully everyone knows what it’s like to have at least one very close friend on whom they can count, no matter what. I am extremely fortunate that I have several (and this isn’t including my awesome family). Today I was pondering just what it is that makes special friends special. This is a variation of a thankful post… things I love about my friends:

  • the ability to talk or not talk, and still feel comfortable with each other
  • talking about everything and nothing, in conversations that can last a really  long time (even on the phone! 🙂
  • the knowledge that they know all about me, and they still like me and choose to be my friend
  • enjoying each others families
  • listening to new music because my friends like it
  • sharing things we like with each other: books, music, movies, fabric
  • knowing that even if we don’t talk or see each other for a really long time, we can still pick up as though we haven’t been apart (this one’s especially for Kris!)
  • being able to laugh together, cry together, and agree to disagree if necessary

Most of all, I am thankful that just talking to one of my friends can lift my spirit and make me feel good, even if we don’t talk about anything significant. They provide support just by being who they are. Thanks and I love you, my friends!

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One Response to True Friends

  1. kristine says:

    That was so sweet !!

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