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Gross (but interesting) science

I wrote in an earlier post that I had tadpoles from my zoology class, but I don’t remember if I have updated anything about the frogs. Only one tadpole made it to frog-hood, but he seems to be doing very … Continue reading

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The beauty of nature

I did a lab with my general biology students this week, looking at protists under the microscopes. It’s one of my favorite labs, no doubt about it! Protists are single-celled, either plant-like or animal-like, but not actually classified with either … Continue reading

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Pathetic, just pathetic

I believe I have pretty well established that I am a dork. Today’s accomplishment was absolute proof of that. I went to the store and picked up the usual groceries. Came home, started to put them away, and discovered that … Continue reading

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Sick days… the irony

Let’s face it, sick days are no fun. At least not if you’re really sick. Which I was. Ugh. I wasn’t feeling well Tuesday morning, but it wasn’t anything horrible. My stomach felt a little off, but the feeling came … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring

Most people in northern states consider the return of robins a harbinger of spring. I know I’m always excited when I see the first robin in March, but over the years I have discovered other signs of spring that I … Continue reading

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You might as well laugh

Today started out just fine. I hauled myself out of bed and got going quickly enough that I had time to send a couple of quick emails before I left for work. I listen to my iPod on the drive, … Continue reading

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Adventures with Teenagers

Between school and home, I have numerous adventures with teenagers these days. Today’s best adventure was thanks to Caleb. We had tacos for dinner. Caleb likes spicy food. Super spicy, as in burn-your-tonsils-out spicy. He used to eat Redhot, but … Continue reading

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I have nothing interesting to say. But I have plenty to say…

Really. I have tried several times this week to write a post, and each time I got a couple of sentences down, but then don’t have more to say. It’s been a very long week, too. On Thursday, I got … Continue reading

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I Used to LOVE Tuesday…

Tuesday was always my favorite day of the week.  It was a perfect day.  It wasn’t Monday, for one.  It is my day off.  And the kids are in school.  Which means I got an 8-3:30 to myself.  A wonderful, … Continue reading

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