I Used to LOVE Tuesday…

Tuesday was always my favorite day of the week.  It was a perfect day.  It wasn’t Monday, for one.  It is my day off.  And the kids are in school.  Which means I got an 8-3:30 to myself.  A wonderful, glorious day.  Drop off the kids, then play all day.  Or lay around.  Or shirk my responsibilities and quilt with Heidi.  Or whatever.  I used to bust my hump on Sunday and Monday to get all the laundry done and get bills paid for the week so Tuesday would be free of all responsibility.

But Tuesdays are just not what they used to be.

I started working out.  Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Which means I have to get up and go on Tuesday now- drop off the kids at school, then torture myself for an hour.  But that still left most of the day.  But now Heidi works on Tuesday, so my favorite playmate is unavailable.  And my son is in middle school now, so he is home by 2:45.  So, I still have from 11-2:45 on Tuesday.  But the last two weeks, I have had paperwork to catch up on.  So I have been in front of a computer doing work- work from 11:30 to now.  And that is not fun. 

Then comes 3:45.  Here is Tuesday:  Pick up the younger kids from school.  Make a quick dinner.  Homework.  5:45 take one kid to wrestling.  7:10 Take other kid to wrestling.  7:30 pick up first kid from wrestling.  8:35- pick up second kid from wrestling.  8:45- try to get everyone to bed.

I know- many of you have it much worse.  But Tuesday nights are enough to make me crazy.  And I am crazy enough already.


About Amy

I love my life! I am married, have 3 kids, and own and manage a business. I enjoy quilting and scrapbooking with my best friend when I am not taking care of the husband, kids, and business.
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