I have nothing interesting to say. But I have plenty to say…

Really. I have tried several times this week to write a post, and each time I got a couple of sentences down, but then don’t have more to say. It’s been a very long week, too.

On Thursday, I got to school at 6 AM to help with an extra credit project the students were doing. Students who wanted to complete the project got their thumbs taped to their hands for the day, so they could experience what it is like without opposable thumbs. They had to last the entire day, then come back for a signature and to have the wrapping cut off (we used pre-wrap underneath the tape so their skin wouldn’t be ripped off). The students have to write a short paper about the experience to receive their extra credit. I have received a couple of papers so far, and they are giving me some interesting insight into the students’ lives.

That night we had parent-teacher conferences, which was interesting. So maybe I do have something interesting to say after all! I met some parents, mostly of students who do not need to worry about their grades. There weren’t any nasty parents, although there were a few who were borderline. It was interesting to be on the other side of the table for a change. I am amazed at how some parents treat the teachers, though: perhaps because I was raised by teachers, I always assume that if my child is not doing his work, it is his fault, not the teacher’s. Not everyone sees it that way!

By the time conferences were over, it was 8 PM. A fourteen hour day. I got home and relaxed for a few minutes before bed. I chatted with Andy for a couple minutes on Facebook, then got ready for bed. He had made a comment that suddenly struck me as funny. You know how it is when you are very tired, and things are suddenly hilarious? It reminded me of A Better Pain Scale, and I giggled all the way through brushing my teeth. I crawled into bed, but was cold (another side effect of being overtired for me), so ended up chuckling a few times before I finally fell asleep.

5:30 came way too soon the next morning. I was already tired enough, but then had a few difficult students, which just made me ready for the week to be over. I had one who is just plain manipulative and witchy, and another who got nasty with me because I told him to remove his earbud. He told me to stop staring at him, because I was giving him “the look” for not doing what he was told. He said this during a quiz, when he should have been silent anyway. He escalated it from there, so I sent him to the office. Several teachers have had exactly the same problem with him, but it’s pretty sad that I’m getting used to having to send kids to the office.

I don’t even get anxious or angry anymore. I’m just resigned about it.

Further confirmation that summer vacation is for the teachers as much as it is for the students. Without it, teachers would burn out much faster.

Or go crazy.

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