Adventures with Teenagers

Between school and home, I have numerous adventures with teenagers these days. Today’s best adventure was thanks to Caleb.

We had tacos for dinner. Caleb likes spicy food.

Super spicy, as in burn-your-tonsils-out spicy. He used to eat Redhot, but has graduated to Tabasco. I love Redhot and jalapenos, but not as much as Caleb does. We have two jars of jalapenos going- one is regular, and the other is really hot for some reason.

Tonight Caleb had the hot jalapenos out for his tacos. I was cleaning up after dinner, when I turned around to see him wiping the jar rim of the jalapenos.

Aaron said, “Why are you wiping the jar?” at the same time I saw Caleb drool down his front.

Caleb said, “I thought it was my drink.”

He had picked it up and taken a couple of swallows.

Aaron and I enjoyed it hugely 😀

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