Sick days… the irony

Let’s face it, sick days are no fun. At least not if you’re really sick.

Which I was. Ugh. I wasn’t feeling well Tuesday morning, but it wasn’t anything horrible. My stomach felt a little off, but the feeling came and went, so I made it through my classes. After school was an entirely different matter, however.

Ick. My stomach suddenly felt really awful, and I knew what was coming eventually. Patty said I looked as white as a sheet, and I felt that way, too. Blech. I left school right after classes ended. I made it about halfway home, and had to pull over. That is all the detail I am going to give…

I made it home and fell into bed for a few hours. Then the fever started. Sheesh! I ended up having to take a sick day yesterday, because I was still feeling pretty nauseous and  running a fever. I was supposed to be observed by my university supervisor yesterday, but I called him Tuesday night and let him know I was sick. Thankfully, he was flexible enough to reschedule for Monday. Being observed at the best of times is harrowing, and I did not want to experience it while I was under the weather.

Last night I tried to figure out how to re-balance my classes, because my cooperating teachers had covered slightly different material while I was out. They are both awesome, but it is really hard to work with two teachers who are so different and feel like I can truly have my own individual style. I have heard, and I agree, that student teaching is one of the most difficult and awkward situations for a teacher. Stepping into someone’s class and trying to make it yours just feels wrong somehow. The cooperating teachers already have a good rapport with the students, and I am entering the situation not knowing the students, what we have for supplies, or when lab materials are arriving. If that sounds like I’m complaining, I’m not – it’s just a tough situation, and one I have to survive. Today was the first day I have thought that I will be glad when student teaching is over.

Aaron woke me around 1 AM to tell me he was sick, too. Poor guy. He really hates to miss school, and he was disappointed when I told him he needed to stay home today. He’s old enough to be home by himself, so I got up this morning and got ready for work. I still wasn’t feeling great, but figured I’d suck it up and get through the day. That seemed like a good idea until I was driving to work. I didn’t even want to listen to music on the drive, which is unheard of for me. By the time I got to school, I decided to ask Patty and Judy to cover for me again, and I picked up my stuff and came back home. When I got home, Aaron was sleeping, so I went back to bed, too. I slept for almost four hours, and feel better now.

No more sick days. A day off is great, but not when you have to juggle lesson plans and observation.

The irony of it all is that I missed teaching about viruses, because I had one…

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2 Responses to Sick days… the irony

  1. stuckinmypedals says:

    I hope you’re feeling much better today. One of the worst parts of being a teacher is getting really sick and having to drag your feverish, puking self out of bed to write sub plans. Ah, the glamorous life of a teacher! Get some rest this weekend.

    • Lol, boy do you have that right! I may have to quote you on “one of the worst parts of being a teacher.” It sums up exactly how I felt yesterday! I seem to be fully recovered today, and I feel ready to deal with the kids again. I was fortunate that I had my cooperating teachers to step in, but even that ends up weird, because the students have learned lessons I didn’t prepare. It will be nice to be done with student teaching and to have my own classroom!

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