Pathetic, just pathetic

I believe I have pretty well established that I am a dork. Today’s accomplishment was absolute proof of that.

I went to the store and picked up the usual groceries. Came home, started to put them away, and discovered that I didn’t have enough room in the fridge.

I did the normal thing, and pulled out stuff that needed to be thrown away. Since I was sick for several days, there was some pretty nasty stuff left in there. Ick. I don’t know what possessed me, exactly, but suddenly I was overwhelmingly disgusted with my refrigerator’s contents and state of cleanliness.

I started to clean it, and ended up cleaning the entire interior. It is much emptier now (I will never, ever buy another side-by-side: too much gets lost in the back that you can’t see). What exactly is the connection between being a dork and cleaning the fridge, you ask?

I was so proud of myself that I considered taking a picture of it. I even considered sending my friends the photo, because my refrigerator never looks this good. 

What a dork.

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