Not that I’m counting or anything…

35 school days (for teachers) left for the year. Not that I’m counting down or anything… I am ready for the semester to be over, mostly because I still have to do extra work for certification classes. I am also looking forward to having my own classroom, and making my own decisions about what we cover and when. My cooperating teachers are wonderful – I can’t imagine a better placement, but I’m still teaching classes that aren’t “mine.”

Right now we’re doing the “phylum march,” so-called because we cover an invertebrate phylum nearly every day for a couple of weeks. Throw a few dissections in there, and we have blasted through another unit. Four weeks to cover nine phyla is tough, and I feel like I’m just breezing through information without much of it sinking in for the kids. There are so many really beautiful and interesting organisms that I would love to share with them, but there isn’t time. Despite the fact that I think they’re cool, most of the students don’t really care, no matter how beautiful the organisms are. Like nudibranchs!  They are amazing!!

Nudibranch from

Hard to believe that guy’s common name is “sea slug,” isn’t it? If it wasn’t obvious before, you now have a pretty good idea of why I am a biology teacher. Of course, if I was independently wealthy, I would just go back to school and get a variety of degrees: Ph.D.s in marine biology, ornithology, botany, zoology, and so on. Or maybe I’d just skip the degrees and study everything at once. Not that it matters, since I am not wealthy, nor am I likely to suddenly come into a large sum of money. Most people dream of the big house, the fancy car, the vacations… I dream of school and traveling to study biology. What a geek…

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2 Responses to Not that I’m counting or anything…

  1. stuckinmypedals says:

    28 more days for me. 3 until Spring Vacation and boy am I thankful! You dream of going to school and traveling to study biology. I dream of riding my bike, traveling, and writing about it all. Thank God summer is just around the corner!

    • I almost forgot to add bicycling to the list! Of course the studying and traveling would have to leave plenty of time for cycling. In fact, I would combine the studying and traveling with cycling. Although… I’m pretty sure that the cyclist I passed the other day thought I was nuts, because I was combining studying nature with a ride. I was looking at a hawk, but I was trying to determine if it was a hawk or an osprey by gawking up at the sky while I was riding. He passed me going the other direction, and is a “serious” rider, so he didn’t acknowledge me. Guess I made cyclists look a little too weird 😉

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